RockMass Technologies provides a data collection tool for geologists to measure structural information, strike and dip measurements, of exposed rock faces more efficiently, accurately, and safely. Our data collection tool provides real-time measurements which is used to analyze and assess the structural stability of a mine. Our device is compact, easy to use, and built to excel in harsh underground conditions. We will offer a range of new products, ultimately providing the mining industry with a fully mechanized structural mapping system that efficiently and exclusively maps geological features.

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  • Map strike and dip measurements at a rate of 15m per minute
  • Reduce exposure of geologists to unsupported rock faces
  • Files are processed in real time, saving time during analysis
  • Highly accurate structural information for improved rock support design, overbreak calculations and stope stability analysis


Our technology can be used by anyone taking strike and dip measurements on exposed rocks in the open pit mining, underground mining, geological exploration and civil engineering. The sensor can be mounted on an extendable pole to access unsupported areas such as open stopes, freshly blasted tunnels and benches and tall outcrops.


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