Digital Solutions for Geotechnical Mapping

A handheld and mobile geotechnical mapping technology. Collect, process and view joint set orientation measurements, record RMR and Q, and take high quality images within minutes.

It’s fast, accurate, and intuitive.


Minutes to collect and view data.

The Atlas is handheld and mobile making data collection intuitive. All data is processed on the Atlas and can be viewed on site or in the field.

Accurate and Consistent

Our proprietary algorithms automatically identify and calculate joint set orientations while omitting noisy data.

Data remains consistent when used by a variety of users.

Use Above and Underground

Works in low lighting conditions and without a GPS.

The Atlas uses LiDAR and an inertial measurement to calculate measurements.


Initial calibration Screen

Record Location

Automatically detects north reference point and input drift location

System Scanning Screen

Map Rock Face

Select video or photo mode, then move the device along the rock face to collect strike and dip measurements

Data output from RAM 1000 scan

View Results

File processes in real time enabling the user to immediately view data on surface


  • Map strike and dip measurements at a rate of 15m per minute
  • Reduce exposure of geologists to unsupported rock faces
  • Files are processed in real time, saving time during analysis
  • Highly accurate structural information for improved rock support design, overbreak calculations and stope stability analysis


Our technology can be used by anyone taking strike and dip measurements on exposed rocks in the open pit mining, underground mining, geological exploration and civil engineering. The sensor can be mounted on an extendable pole to access unsupported areas such as open stopes, freshly blasted tunnels and benches and tall outcrops.


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